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Hot Air Balloon Excursions

Flight in Athens


hot air balloon excursions

Mini-group flight

Excursion in a small group. Sparkling wine, picnic after landing, certificates and souvenirs.

Number of participants: up to 11
Flight duration: ≈ 40 minutes


hot air balloon excursions

Private flight

This program suites for a small group of friends or a family. Flight around Thebes, sparkling wine, picnic, certificates and souvenirs as a memory for each participant.

Number of participants: up to 5
Flight duration: ≈ 40 minutes


hot air balloon excursions

Romance for two

Wedding or dating anniversary, marriage proposal in the sky. The program includes: flight, romantic music, sparkling wine and picnic, special souvenirs for lovers.

Quantity of people: 2
Flight duration: ≈ 40 minutes


hot air balloon excursions

Celebration in the sky

Birthdays, corporate parties, weddings in a hot-air balloon. The program includes: flight over Thebes, sparkling wine and picnic after landing, certificates and souvenirs.

Quantity of people: up to 11
Flight duration: ≈ 40 minutes


What's Included

You need to know

A hot air balloon tour is a source of new and bright emotions. Those who have at least once been in the basket of a hot air balloon say that during the flight they felt an amazing lightness and freedom.

There are no age restrictions for flying in a balloon. But you should estimate the possibilities of your body and health adequately. We do not recommend the balloon flight for pregnant women, children under 6 years old, people who have had serious injuries, fractures or sprains.

Ballooning is an unusual form of transport. In order to fly safely and bring only pleasant experience, you need to consider a few important points.

The balloon has no rudder or engine. It is the only air transport that flies freely in the air. Therefore, if you wish to see a particular object from the air, please notify us in advance. If it’s possible, we’ll plan the flight so we can start from the right place or wait for the right wind direction and fly over it.

The starting point can be adjusted even the day before the flight if weather conditions change. We do not guarantee a specific region for the flight. Weather conditions, especially wind strength, have priority when choosing a starting location. «VIVA let’s fly!» reserves the right to change the starting place and time, even a few minutes before take-off.

If the pilot specifies your weight, don’t take it personally. The information is needed to calculate the lift of the balloon, according to the air temperature.

The warmer the air, the less lift the balloon has. Accordingly, in winter the balloon stays in the air longer and you can enjoy the magnificent panorama more.

Our representative will contact you approximately 12 hours before the flight to inform you about the meeting point and the meeting time.

Before the flight we do not recommend to drink alcohol and eat fatty foods, so that you do not get motion sickness during the excursion. Passengers usually tolerate the flight well, but you can take a anti-seasickness pill just in case.

We recommend our passengers to wear cotton clothes, sports shoes and obligatory sunglasses and hats. It may be windy at altitude — better bring a jacket.

You can take a photo or video camera. It would be better to keep the equipment in soft cases on a string or chain. That way it won’t fall overboard and won’t be damaged upon landing.

Ballooning is possible if there is no rain, fog and wind force does not exceed 5 meters per second. We check the weather forecast the day before the flight, but sometimes the weather situation can change suddenly. We are responsible for the safety of our guests and can cancel a flight even just before takeoff if the weather is inclement.




Before the takeoff, the pilot explains how to behave during the flight: what you can and can’t do. These are simple rules that will help make the journey comfortable and safe.




Forbidden: pulling on ropes and hoses; opening and closing valves; sitting on and hanging over the basket; taking weapons or explosives, such as fireworks, on board; smoking in the basket; drinking alcoholic beverages; sitting on the floor of the basket.

Allowed: holding on to the rope loops on the sides of the basket; taking photos and videos; enjoying the view.

The flight usually lasts about 40 minutes, but due to weather conditions or any interference, an emergency landing may be necessary. In this case, the flight time may be shortened without rescheduling the flight to other dates. Money for the tour is not refundable.

Landing a hot air balloon is an unusual experience. At this point you should hold on to the rope loops on the sides of the basket until the balloon comes to a complete stop.

In order to land comfortably, you need to bend your knees slightly or squat the moment the basket is about to touch the ground.

You may only drop the basket with the pilot’s permission.

After landing passengers will enjoy sparkling wine with light snacks and fruites.

Each participant of the flight will receive a certificate and a special souvenir.

Then we’ll take you back to Athens if you’ve booked a transfer service. If not, you’ll have to drive yourself from the starting point.

If the weather does not permit the flight, we reschedule it for another date. Therefore we recommend to schedule the trip at the beginning of your vacation in Greece.

If you leave Greece before the next flight date, we will refund the full cost of the program.

If the flight is cancelled on your own initiative: you are late, change your mind about the flight, etc., unfortunately we will not be able to make a refund.